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Conrad Padilla started a career in his early twenties training on Wall Street in New York with Dean Witter and Morgan Stanley. He helped these companies with mergers, acquisitions, investment banking and managed client and institutional money. This training and experience led him to become one of the youngest Senior Vice Presidents with UBS. This career span of 14 years led him to start up multiple companies and use his experience to flourish in the 100 year old Network Marketing Industry.

Conrad is currently one of the top income earners and industry leaders in the Network Marketing Industry and recently just wrote his first book, “The Promoter,” Your playbook to becoming a Network Marketing Professional. His modern approach to building a global network marketing business has proven itself worldwide. He has been instrumental in over seeing the development of Network Marketing training systems. Conrad has the ability to engage and captivate audiences of all ages. He has also had the privilege to speak nationally and internationally due to the growth and leadership of his success in the industry.

Conrad has also consulted and advised for multiple companies because of his ability to create vision and strategies. His passion and purpose is to influence, educate and help develop people to live out their full potential in all areas of life.

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